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5 min readAug 20, 2021
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The purpose of this blog post is to detail the artists featured in our September 2021 broadcast which was on Resonance FM. We issued and open call searching for works that were made relating to a theme of Escape, Escapism, Fantasy or Fiction. There were a great deal of submissions in the end and we prioritised those that were of a length that would allow a more varied show with many participants, that is not to say those that were omitted were bad submissions in fact it was hard to edit. Below is a complete list with descriptions and further reading for all artists in the show, starting in order of the show edit. Thanks again for all the submissions it was a great pleasure for us to discover so much work in this area.

Tracklist with details:

Francis Patrick Brady — Exit the Board

Francis Patrick Brady is an artist, curator and pedagogue based in Malmö, Sweden creating artistic games that question the accepted realities of social and cultural norms, building scenarios that establish crossovers between fantasy and fiction.

Anne Meiselbach — AAAAHHHH

Anne Meiselbach is an artist from Leipzig, Germany.

Græd — Clouds on Uranus; 2nd Movement; Region 04

Græd is based in Glasgow and produces leftfield Jazz/techno/drone.

Timo Kahlen — Stranger to the Ears

Sound sculptor and media artist Timo Kahlen (*1966) chooses to work with the ephemeral: with wind and steam, with light and shade, with pixels and dust, with sound, noise and vibration. He lives, teaches and works in Berlin.

Lauren Sarah Hayes — Xeon

Lauren is a Scottish live electronics improviser who builds unpredictable hybrid analogue/digital instruments with computers, hardware & voice which allow her to bend and sculpt sound. She is also a member of the New BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Beam the Bomb — Automated Bliss

Beam the Bomb are Assi Weitz, Robert Gradisen and Jasna Velickovic. They use their own designed instruments, sequencers, toys… searching for mood and atmosphere, building up surprising layers of texture and punctuation of sound within improvised compositions where occasionally a specific genre can spontaneously appear. The listener is taken along for the ride, much akin to a cinematic experience only without image, just pure soundtrack for one’s inner thoughts.

Theo Holloway — The Great Attractor

Theo is a theatrical composer and sound designer:

L’Amicale du Grand Hotel Abgrund

L’Amicale du Grand Hotel Abgrund are a Leipzig based experimental music collective. Below is their new tape minusQplus:

Domo Dodge and MK Lord — Boney Tuna

The track is the opener for Snake Of Bow, a second album of collaboration by Domo Doge and MK Lord responding to the restrictions by emailing recordings. Lord plays in real time over manipulated tracks of resonating cymbals, struck metal objects and found sounds, composed by Doge.

Monogong Betenzwar — Slow Drama on a Ship

Monogong Betenzwar lives in leipzig and is ,“a bit involved in the punkier and more diy scene” :

Peterson Field Guide — Hi God 2

(need more info)

Private Plebs-Every Journey Brings you Closer

As part of the album Poverty Keeps It All Together, released in 2019, the composition Every Journey Brings You Closer began in 2007 during explorations into aleatory, pattern scattering and deconstructing electronic music tropes. This piece in particular plays upon humans escapism toward cosmic fear that is addictive, and a unique emotion of space age excitement induced by the ancient astronaut theories of fantasists such as Erik Von Daniken, and science fiction stories such as Ray Bradbury’s Journey to Mars. Originally, samples of talks by the late William Cooper were used on the track, selectively about secret societies, the Kabbalah and other mysticism. But it was decided these are far too literal and grounded, and the musical tension proved to suggest the subject better speaking to silent darkness.

Every Journey Brings You Closer is preparation followed by a journey through time and space at a terrifying speed. There is the sense that there is no turning back what we have started. It was previously called Endless Obelisk, which refers essentially to the infinity of space and how humbling and terrifying it is within ones internal life. Gaining momentum, it is uncertain where if ever it will end, much like the pace of the world, the insistent dreams of mankind, and perhaps our own damnation. What sounds like a slight bit of comic relief at the end is a grounding in folk singing, with indigenous inspired singing at the very climax and exiting it. This suggests that fear is ended by the voice and the land, and the spirit of original intentions.

Private Plebs undergoes transformations and is currently preparing for a live band concert at the 100 Club, Oxford Street, London:



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