Escapism and Fantasy (Show (archive))

we were live at this time/date/place

Francis Patrick Brady — Exit the Board

Anne Meiselbach — AAAAHHHH

Græd — Clouds on Uranus; 2nd Movement; Region 04

Timo Kahlen — Stranger to the Ears

Lauren Sarah Hayes — Xeon

Beam the Bomb — Automated Bliss

Theo Holloway — The Great Attractor

L’Amicale du Grand Hotel Abgrund

Domo Dodge and MK Lord — Boney Tuna

Monogong Betenzwar — Slow Drama on a Ship

Peterson Field Guide — Hi God 2

(need more info)

Private Plebs-Every Journey Brings you Closer



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Sonic Darts

We are a Sonic Arts collective that amongst other things produce radio space monthly on Resonance FM 104.4 London.