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6 min readFeb 7, 2022
Archive of the results to our open call on the topic of ego, 02.22.

Yodest (Michał Wojciechowski) Polish artist. Based in Leicester. Video creator and a ‘noiseician’ (someone who is interested in sound itself rather than melody).

Explores the surrealistic and dark side of life with emphasis on human beliefs and superstitions. His newest project: “Revelation of Uranus” will be presented online at the Audioblast10 festival on 27.02.2022.

About Ego sound:

“My sound project is based on Shepard tone. It emulates endless growth of frequency. In my perspective, it is an illusion in exactly the same way as Ego.

Being higher and higher is in reality just prison and a vicious circle for Ego. In the end, ego finished along with life and there is nothing left, just silence.
On the other hand, this description is another example of ego in action. I am so ashamed to release my voice that I am replacing it with this artificial voice.

That is being lower and lower. Illusion…”

Manami N.

Born in 1969 in Niigata, in north-west Japans and grown up there, Manami N. developed her musical interest already in early days when she played trumpet and later trombone in school bands. After her university studies in pedagogic, Manami N. moved to Tokyo at that time still working for a construction company.

She was introduced to Kumiko Hara(1954–2005), with whom she took voice training and music theory classes. Hara studied at Tokyo Collage of Music and was well known as a blind Jazz and Soul singer during the 1970’s and 1980’s. While working as a computer instructor Manami N. performed with various jazz oriented pop bands. At that time she also started to study and experiment with musical software on her computer and wrote her first songs. The first collaboration pieces were created with Kenji Yamazaki, Mark Corrin,triPhaze aka Marek Brandt.

In 2006 she moved to Berlin. Here her approach to music became more conceptual. As she originally comes from a family of Zen-Buddhist monks her philosophy is strongly based on her personal experiences.

Stephen Roddy

Stephen Roddy is a Postdoc Fellow in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Trinity College Dublin working at the intersection of Computer Science and the Sonic Arts. Roddy lectures on the MPhil in Music and Media and the BAI/MAI in Electronic Engineering and holds a Ph.D. in Sonification, the use of sound to perceptualize data and convey information. Roddy’s research is multidisciplinary and involves the application of empirically grounded Human-computer Interaction (HCI) methodologies with a focus on Auditory Display/Sonification, Sound/Music Computing and HCI more generally.

Kuman Thong, Guaping Zhong.

On the peice Vlore that was premiered on the show…

the core element of the piece is a droning synthesizer chord composed of oscillatory patterns from a dynamical system undergoing a transition from regular to chaotic behaviour.

this was created purely in python script and converted
into a waveform audio file. The accompanying percussion track
was provided by a boss dr rhythm 55 drum machine sent through a chain of effects pedals.

the onset of aperiodic frequency changes reflects the descent into insanity which accompanies the unabated expansion of ego, and the disintegration of the boundary between internal and external reality.

Kevin Logan aka. Ego Van Link

Kevin Logan is an artist, researcher, and educator based in London, UK. His work engages cross-disciplinary fields and incorporates installation, sound, moving-image, and performance. Kevin has exhibited and performed internationally, including: The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; IKLECTIK Arts Centre, London; The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; the Pompidou Centre, Paris; V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam; LOOP Festival, Barcelona; Soundcrawl Festival, Nashville, Tennessee; Reelworld Film Festival, Toronto; Moozak Festival, Vienna; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

Rodrigo Ramos

Rodrigo Ramos, master’s student in Visual Arts at UFBA, graduated in Cinema at UFSC and UFF. Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, works in the cinematographic area as director, screenwriter and sound designer. Director of the film “As ruas e o tempo”; Performer and sound designer of ERRO Grupo de Teatro since 2012; Sound artist of the project “Espelho Sonoro”. His current research lies in the creation of electroacoustic music and soundscapes in the project “À Deriva Sonora”.

L’Amicale du Grand Hôtel Abgrund

l’amicale du grand hôtel abgrund is a Leipzg sound art collective, which was formed in 2020 by Paul Lissner (tapes, loops, drones — analoge machines), Quentin Leven (pads, beats, grains — digital synthesis) and Christoph Weilbach (drums). The circle is regularly joined by other audio, video and performance artists. By constantly exploring the potentials of avant-garde music, the collective aims to create an adequate form of artistic expression that reflects on current social and personal circumstances.

New Harmony

New Harmony is an emergent metaphysical decentralised organisation of sonics, contrived amid the debt, corruption, deceit, confusion, irrationality, hopelessness, psychologically oppressive SARS Cov-2 pandemic and the farcical political binary that has infected the globe.

As the established order morphed into a new technologically driven monopoly of obscure horsemen, a noetic conjunction was conceived catalysing a new theurgy expositing aletheia, whilst deconstructing old conjecture.

Sonics manifested by members Normy, Lonny, Honk, Morc and Doph deliver an illuminating phoenixian praxis from the ashes of ignorance. The objective of transcendence is achieved by revelation through unique experience rather than commodified purgatorial dross.

The organization is a rhizomatic continuum of the founding unifying principles of Cheeky Soundsystem and the Tsarino Foundation.

Tune in and elude with the sounds of New Harmony.


Patasonus play and produce textured sounds that allows listeners to take an imaginative trip to wherever they find themselves going — from internal landscapes to outer worlds and anything in between.

The work is underscored by drones, sometimes drones and rhythm, leaving spaces for soundscape layering over the top. It is a sonic exploration and expression of emotion, connection, atmosphere and mood.

The debut four-track E.P. Textura can be found on Bandcamp and Soundcloud (see links below).

John F. Barber

John F. Barber

Produces and hosts Re-Imagined Radio ( which explores radio storytelling as literary-media art and performance, radio broadcasts, listening events, live streams, and podcasts. He convenes with the faculty of the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver.

Marc J. Rose

Marc J. Rose

is a 3-time Emmy® winning composer, sound designer and voice actor living in Portland Oregon. In addition to bringing to life the inter-dimensional exploits of Emile Song and company in Dry Smoke and Whispers Holodio Theatre (see below) for Sirius/XM Satellite Radio and public radio stations across the globe, Marc has composed themes for AT&T, Jack Hanna’s Wildlife Adventures, Disney, Visa and Capitol Radio London. Marc also is the owner of Fuse, an audio post production facility specializing in voice, sound design and original music composition and has over 30 years experience in the audio production industry.

John and Marc’s submission to “EGO” is excerpted from an hour-long episode of Re-Imagined Radio entitled “Figurski at Findhorn on Acid.” More information, graphics, and listening opportunities are available at the archival webpage I maintain for “Figurski” here:



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