Sonic Darts November 2022: Low Fidelity

Sonic Darts
4 min readNov 13, 2022

A celebration of work which prioritises ideas and sonic exploration over hi-fidelity production.

All the tracks played on the show (aside from the opener) were submitted following our open call. A big thank you to everyone who submitted work.


Blind Willie Johnson — Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

Cameron Naylor — Sound House

Jamie House — Beneath, Within

Lucy Dafwyn and Cathy McCabe — Can Palores

Andreja Andric — One-Bit Dances 1–6

Edward Shipsey — Morton Feldman vs asmr

Hethre Contant and Jon Panther — Metal Machine Mezcal (excerpt)

Duende Entendre — That Which Shall Remain Unnamed

Lisa Whistlecroft and Stella Birchall — Palimpsest: Stella Obscura

Gabi Schaffner — LoFi Loop

Full details of the artists featured:

Cameron Naylor

Cameron Naylor is a sound artist creating on the boundary of electroacoustic composition and audiovisual art. Currently living and working in Manchester, England his work explores the affective capabilities of sound and music, through an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach that refracts this relationship through a multitude of medium

Jamie House

Jamie House specialises in experimental and pinhole Photography, also using mail art, sound and Installation in his socially engaged practice.

Lucy Dafwyn and Cathy McCabe

Lucy Dafwyn produces the monthly sound art radio show, Oddstep Almanac which can be heard on SoundArt Radio

Andreja Andric

Andreja Andric (born 1973) is a Serbian composer and programmer, living in Aarhus in Denmark. He explores the intersections of mathematical processes, intuition and chance and uses computer programming as key means of artistic expression.

Edward Shipsey

Edward Shipsey is an improvising musician based in London. He works, often collaboratively, using a range of different instruments and voice. He also sometimes uses more composed approaches and is currently spending time completing an album of internet sampling experimental music called Ibiza Uncovered (of which morton feldman vs asmr is one track). He has curated the event series Hard Work (with Paul Ingram) and the event series Different People Doing Different Things Together. Both of these try to bring different artistic mediums (music, poetry, dance and performance) into contact.

Hethre Contant and Jon Panther

Dr. Heather Contant is an artist and historian who works with sound, radio, and visual media to explore structural coupling amongst human and more-than-human beings from the past and present.

Jon Panther

Jon Panther is a New Zealand sound artist and has been recording and performing under the name Audiotopsy since 1999 in the UK, Japan and Brazil.

Duende Entendre

duende entendre is the sound art duo formed in 2008. The duo works in the continuum of free improvisation and composition, creating manifold events of encapsulating soundscapes, provocative vignettes, and spontaneous statements in sound. Acoustic instruments and found-instruments are combined with both analog and digital electronics, and the expanded possibilities of the human voice. tools.

Lisa Whistlecroft

Lisa Whistlecroft a freelance composer and sound designer. She writes electroacoustic music and soundscapes for fixed media and for collaborative work with artists in other disciplines.

Gabi Schaffner

Gabi Schaffner works as a transdisciplinary traveling artist, writer and curator within the fields of sound art, radio and visionary documentation. Central to my activities are communication, non-hierarchic perspectives and sharing.



Sonic Darts

We are a Sonic Arts collective that amongst other things produce radio space monthly on Resonance FM 104.4 London.